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We believe in win-win scenarios. You should join us because you have a small business and you want to be more successful. You want to take your business to the next level, and you want access to the decision-makers. You should also join us because you are looking for something more in life, and you know that professional experiences, and networking will reveal it to you. You should join us because you want to increase your value in the community, and become a better citizen.

We believe in traditional business models, but we also acknowledge the fast-paced information age that we now live. The DFW Network Chamber is modern. Our events and our way of doing things reflect the progressive culture of the DFW Metroplex. We understand the influence of technology and its role in global commerce. We believe that a team of small businesses who collaborate can achieve more than any single business can alone. We believe in getting our small business owners together to build a bigger, better, more prosperous DFW Metroplex. The DFW Dream is as big as Texas and, it's for all of us!


Engage the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Take a leading role in the economic growth of DFW while improving the quality of life of our citizens. Grow your business and build lifelong relationships that will fuel your professional development. We have been looking for you.


Entry Level Membership

$50.00 / Yearly

    • Free admission to select events
    • One voting representative
    • Access to events & job posting on our website.
    • Exclusive new member profile
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Director Membership

$200.00 / Yearly

    • Entry level perks, plus
    • Biz Expo Admission
    • Exhibition space
    • Events calendar access
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Managing Membership

$600.00 / Yearly

    • Director level perks, plus
    • Access to the DFW Network Chamber Magazine
    • Logo on our website
    • Access to speakers
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Senior Membership

$900.00 / Yearly

    • Managing level perks, plus
    • Get business consultations
    • Get a featured webinar
    • Get a ribbon cutting event
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Executive Membership

$2000.00 / Yearly

    • Senior Membership perks, plus
    • Only 14 packages are available
    • Get featured in the DFW Chamber Mag
    • VIP recognition
    • Access to Executive level networking events
    • One seat on our board of directors
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